About us

„Since the year 2005, HHonolulu Events stands for surfevents of all kinds and provides a forum for everyone interested in surfing across Germany. We see ourselves as a group of surfers who made their passion their business and follow the development of surfing in Germany.

Made by surfers, inspired by the ocean is not just a slogan but a mission for the responsible and sustainable handling with the most important element, the water. The focus is hereby not only to spend as much time in the ocean but also to take the fascination of surfing and skating to the cities. The unique style of living is transported to the cities of Hamburg, Cologne and Munich through a large network within the board sports scene. Since 2012 the core area is expanded to skate boarding since many urban surfers also find great joy in moving along on wheels.

Besides the already known Surf & Skate Festival, the Surffilmfestival, movie premieres and surf contests, we are working as marketing, public relations and promotion partners for many well-known companies.“

For any inquiries or questions please feel free to contact us